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Siswodihardjo & Partner

Siswodihardjo and Partner (SH&P) is an Indonesian law firm that has legality and registered with experienced more than 10 (ten) years in providing the best legal services, with good quality, effective, timely and with competitive price.

We have assisted and represented state-owned enterprises (BUMN) and regional owned enterprises (BUMD); private and public companies; domestic investment (PMDN) and foreign investment company (PMA); public and private hospitals; as well as Individuals.

Our focus and expertise covers 2 (two) areas, i.e. :

  • Corporate and commercial, consisting of mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, joint operations, joint venture and spin-offs; construction and infrastructure; land, building, property, real estate and apartment; hospitals and health facilities; general and life insurance; and
  • Arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute settlement, which consists of breach of contract lawsuit and the unlawful act; labor industrial relations; medical malpractice; and business competition disputes.

We have repeatedly become spokesperson both on TV and national radio stations. Active as lecturers and speakers in training, seminars and workshops. Moreover, in 2015 we were nominated as best 23 (twenty three) lawyers, lawfirm and legal advice listed by Angloinfo Global Expatriate Network. In 2018, our legal articles were published in the Asian Legal Business Magazine by Thomson Reuters. Futhermore, we had won the arbitration case at the Indonesian National Arbitration Board (BANI) worth more than 80 (eighty) billion Rupiah.

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